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Where you should disclose your vulnerabilities. Go read RFPolicy if you want to do responsible disclosure, and go here for when all else fails. 

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5 years ago
http://wws.princeton.edu/webmedia/list_speakers.xml?start=f' generates the error: RXML run error: Query failed:[...] <emit host="mysql://wws_web:WW$W3bUs3r@www-01dept.princeton.edu:3308/wws_webcasts"[...] www-01dept.princeton.edu:3308 is connectable from the internet, and the user:password works. Is this like a major issue since it's a well known school?
Forum: Full Disclosure
6 years ago
You are injecting into the Javascript on the site, the 'bug' is that you supply the "</script>" which ends the script block and displays the rest of it as text. If you look at line 182 in the source code you see cmCreateProductDetailsTag("Application: CRD APP..bla...", "sourcecode:FABDFB", ""><script>alert(document.cookie)</script>
Forum: Bugs
7 years ago
I too have had troubles with finding the hash algorithm used for a password stored in a cookie. I've been trying to see if they used part of a hash because I couldn't find alot of hash algorithms which produce this particular output length (8byte). I was wondering if hashmasher also checks if the <hash> provided is only a part of a known hash algorithm. These are examples of the hash:
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