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4 years ago
I saw this "spot the vuln" this week, and I see that it makes more sense to stick with the action="" but the part I'm not wrapping my head around yet, because I'm a newbie is how would this be exploited? <form action="<? echo $_SERVER; ?>" method="POST"> Thanks you.
Forum: XSS Info
6 years ago
I have a PHP app I'm writing and one page puts the MySQL database record id in the URL for the next page and the next page uses the id to look up the record. The id in the table is an int. So based on this, if I put in a check to make sure the value from GET is numeric, is that enough to safeguard me, or is it possible to still inject the db? My other thought is after I determine that the val
Forum: SQL and Code Injection
7 years ago
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