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For any nonsense or banter that doesn't fit anywhere else. LoL! omg! ROFL! 

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3 years ago
Just some ideas: To exploit this without user interaction we have to get out of the href attribute, so we need at least one ". Because " gets encoded we can't simply inject one. Escaping doesn't work, so.... Anyone got something? I'm really interested :)
Forum: XSS Info
4 years ago
Hi there, i got some free time today and decided to have some fun with Greasemonkey. I wrote a little Script to show me all inputs on a site and color them based on their type. Nothing special but very interesting to see! Here's a little screenshot: http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/4254/inputlocator.jpg And here's the little Script: // @namespace *.* // @description Input loca
Forum: OMG Ponies
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