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This group should mostly be dealing with how web applications enable networking security issues that are otherwise not there. Everything is being tunneled over port 80 now so what does that enable and how do we fix it? 
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Fake SRV record
Posted by: p0deje
Date: January 06, 2011 04:46AM

It's good to see forum up again!

I have a pretty simple question. I want to connect to the remote server's SMTP (Exim), but it won't authorize me as long as my domain name is not listed in /etc/localdomains.

Is it possible to fake domain name I send, so it would match the one listed in localdomains. I suppose it can be done with proxies but not sure how exactly do this.


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Re: Fake SRV record
Posted by: id
Date: January 13, 2011 08:59PM

It's probably a bit more complicated than that...

If you are sending mail to a domain it accepts mail for, then it should just take the mail regardless of who you put as the sending domain.

If you are sending mail as a use of a domain that it sends mail for there may be restrictions based on the IP address you connect to it from.

If you are trying to use it as a mail relay it probably won't work at all


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