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bet no one can answer this
Posted by: kingofleo
Date: July 18, 2007 03:47PM

In the MadWiFi v.0.9.2 source code it appears that the function ath_calibrate() is called periodically. This function calls ath_hal_getrfgain() and if it returns HAL_RFGAIN_NEED_CHANGE, the function ath_reset() is called. AL_RFGAIN_NEED_CHANGE may mean that new gain values must be loaded, but ath_reset() does many other things including dropping any enqueued frames. As we don't have a datasheet for PHY chip of Atheros PHY (5112), we are not sure but it seems it refers to ath_hal_getrfgain() (as defined in openHAL sources). Could you explain ath_hal_getrfgain() functionality of current HAL(not openHAL), and why does it need a full device reset?
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