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Google spreads XSS vuls
Posted by: Dave
Date: January 12, 2007 04:07AM

I was laughing yesterday, when I was looking for some XSS related sites on google.de.

Browsing through the SERPs for "XSS", I found about 4 sites listed (on page 3), with javascript code in the url:

for example

If you can't see the results due to googles autmatic location redirect, I got a screenshot on http://blogged-on.de/xss-check/google-findet-xss-luecken.html (german)

I think I read about that issue already on ha.ckers.org or in this forum, but I didn't see it >in the wild<, yet.

Preparing a nice google query that automatically redirects to the listed xss-vulnerable site would be no big thing, but a google URL looks more trustworthy than urls with javascript code in it.

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Re: Google spreads XSS vuls
Posted by: eyeced
Date: January 12, 2007 11:27AM


The top result for me today was FBI.gov. Oh dear google, oh dear.

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