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Free Internet JW Marriott Seoul South Korea
Posted by: PaPPy
Date: March 26, 2010 11:14AM

So this hotel uses "DOCOMO interTouch Broadband Access"

If you plugin locally and find a computer's mac that is already purchased time you can set your mac as their's and it will assign their IP to you

then you can navigate to the hotel page, see what their last name and room number from their bill is.

you can then connect via their wireless (using any mac) it asks for a last name and room number, enter the previous and now you can add another computer to their bill

if you are lucky and find someone that has purchased a package with their room, they wont get bumped offline and not billed for the room.

second item, when purchasing days of internet
the price is set via a javascript onclick command

setting to 0, charged the room but with a 0 dollar price (didnt try a negative number)

also there are hidden fields that set your transfer rates (up and down)
and your start and end time and date

so you can purchase a date, but set your end time for a year later.

also the place seems to be running a lot of cisco products that dont seem to have been updated since 2007.

in my scans i came across a guest who had a VNC server running with no password.
other people had music and videos shared

so in the end it was a fun free trip :D

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