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javascript shell?
Posted by: kw
Date: November 26, 2006 04:15PM

guys i have an hosting that don`t suport php so i wanna put a bind or something there to check that hosting...
is there an javascript shell or something with i can execute linux commands and see other files like php shell [c99..r57] ?

thanks alot...srry if this is a wrong section !

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Re: javascript shell?
Posted by: maluc
Date: November 26, 2006 04:36PM

no.. javascript has no file access .. as it's executed client-side not server-side.

the only thing you could hope to do is to access the cpanel with CSRF and use your hosts built-in filemanager. but only if the cpanel is in the same domain as the javascript. it's not too practical however, as it'll require alot of complicated AJAX requests .. and much worse - the embedding of your username/password if implemented improperly (instead you'll have to require a login at start)

essentially though, it's only accessing the host's cpanel remotely. it can't do anything you couldn't do from its cpanel - which probably rules out linux commands.


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