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gmx, web, yahoo - ignore bruteforce protection with myspace
Posted by: GaSmo
Date: June 09, 2008 07:55AM


on there is a function to import your friends from gmx, web, yahoo and so on to myspace.
Normaly you can't enter more than 3 wrong passwords on without having their bruteforceprotection start to work.

on, you can enter wrong passwords
as often as u want. I just tryed 10 wrong
passwords and than the right one, and it worked
without problems like timedelay, IP-bann or shit.

Maybe this will help u a bit.

Don't want to try real bruteforcer like brutus and so on,
but someone wanna try if it realy works with tools?

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Re: gmx, web, yahoo - ignore bruteforce protection with myspace
Date: June 09, 2008 09:11AM

I don't use MySpace so I have never tried it, but I know it generally applies to other services as well. There are also at least two ways to brute force MySpace logins (assuming one knows the email address to the account) without any form of restrictions based on IP addresses, or number of attempts.

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