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Safari SOP hangs by a thread...
Posted by: Gareth Heyes
Date: November 20, 2007 08:29AM

self.location = 'http://xyz<iframe onload=alert(1)>';

This almost works and tries to XSS the Safari domain not found page. The only problem is that because it's passed within the url any spaces get urlencoded so I need a workaround that will inject the xss even when urlencode is used. Anyone any ideas?

If it is possible to inject XSS (I'm not sure if it is) then the code is executed with local privileges and therefore SOP across domains can also be broken.

The following variants have also been tried but Safari doesn't allow incomplete script tags:-

//Injected but doesn't execute
//Injected but doesn't execute
//The forward slash is removed so isn't injected
//Is injected in the google search box but the quote is escaped to &quot;

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