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loading about:config in Netscape
Posted by: maluc
Date: September 17, 2006 11:36AM

This isn't really a technique.. more of an anomaly.
As you can see, a non-localhost page opened the about:config page inside an iframe, using Netscape in firefox mode .. so far it has happened unintentionally in three out of roughly 100 page loads, although i've been changing the source throughout. The exact source it displayed this last time with: (it's very messy inside as it's a mosh pit of coding)

now, once it loaded and showed the about:config inside.. i was still able to Ctrl-R refresh it and have it come back.. even with changing the source and refreshing, it was persistant (changed the alert(2) to alert(21) ).

but, renaming the exact same source to a new page and loading that, and it was gone. Also, leaving the current page it showed on, to a different page, then coming back .. it was gone.

I have no idea why it works sometimes, nor if it's even exploitable if it did ._.


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Re: loading about:config in Netscape
Posted by: maluc
Date: September 17, 2006 11:42AM

btw, the key point that helped trigger it was the <iframe src= </iframe> .. note that there is no closing bracket.

and obviously atleast one of the other iframes is required.. it was the first one, which had no style tag, that displayed the about:config page.


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