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Career training
Posted by: Anonymous User
Date: June 12, 2007 11:00PM

-- removed the spam to keep the thread -RSnake --

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Re: Career training
Posted by: ntp
Date: June 13, 2007 09:45AM

i'm not sure if you are talking about web application and information assurance skills, career choices, or life skils. i'll post for all

for general career advice, i normally turn to or

the application assurance field is changing the information assurance field very rapidly. from a business perspective, one can get involved heavily in the pci standard - so becoming or working for an asv or assessor would be great, especially if you can get certified as a qdsp/qsa. the pci training prepares you for the certification.

one can also get heavily involved in actual application assurance by starting a program for any organization. development skills (scjp, mcts .net, mysql, oracle, etc) are mandatory for such a position - and the ideal right now is the sans-ssi (gssp) certification program. again, there is training to prepare you for these certifications.

if you are looking to learn on the cheap - i first suggest that you know what your goals are because it can eat up a lot of time and effort. you will need to read _every_ book on xss, csrf, xml, javascript, vbscript, rdf, owl, rdf, xslt, xpath, xlink, dom, http, ssl, smil, xforms, xsd, xpointer, svg, unicode, iso, flash, quicktime, translators, inference, parsers, regular expressions, browsers, semantic web, xul, xaml, java, html, encryption, url, uri, urn, soap, xml-rpc, services, google, social networks, blogs, splogs, trackbacks, rss, annotations, web apis, wsdl, pdf, media formats, css, xsl-fo, xquery, dtd, wap and ajax (to paraphrase php). i also suggest attending every cheap conference you can (DEF CON, RECON, CanSecWest, ShmooCon, Toorcon, LayerOne, CodeCon, OWASP, Notacon, OuterZ0ne, PhreakNIC, etc) - these are all the US where I assume you live. getting to these conferences is usually cheap depending on where you live and the price of the conferences are also cheap, as well as the price of the hotel rooms where the conference is in. There are probably also local events in the city where you live including: OWASP, ISSA, 2600, CitySec, BarCamp, LUG's, etc. also - reading the trade magazines helps a lot - try for free copies, but you also might want to get subscriptions to developer and security magazines (hakin9 is pretty good).

finally, if you're looking to learn life skills - just go and learn them! it's best to find somebody (especially older homemakers) to learn these skills from. you can't learn how to cook by reading a book or a website. the hardest part is meeting people that share your interests. try craigslist or something

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Re: Career training
Posted by: Anonymous User
Date: June 13, 2007 10:03PM

Thank you very much! I will take your advice into account!

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Re: Career training
Posted by: hackathology
Date: June 15, 2007 07:33AM

well said ntp. Where are you ntp?

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Re: Career training
Posted by: tx
Date: June 15, 2007 04:59PM

@Karena: I find it strange that the only information you were able to discover were regarding nursing homes, golf courses, and one career training website.
I find it even stranger that the three websites you linked to list Rua Mayor,36 2D
Salamanca, Salamanca 37002 Spain as the registrant address.
Also interesting is the fact that the whois information also references as well as a Ms. Pilar CantariƱo who is apparently employed by Link Exchange as Product Manager and Human Resources Consultant. According to teh google Ms. CantariƱo is also located on Rua Mayor in Salamanca (Tel + 34 923 21 28 69 ) and is also employed by, who's business is "providing Search engine optimization services, search engine marketing, and Internet Marketing".

Kinda coincidental, no?

Thus, I think it's safe to assume, that you Karena, are probably more interested in leeching some of this site's sweet sweet pagerank than in career training.

Or to put it succinctly: go spam somewhere else.

@ntp: That still was some very good advice, though.

-tx @

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