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detecting router backdoors
Posted by: Albino
Date: September 03, 2010 12:54PM

The question is, how would you detect an IP-specific backdoor in your router if you didn't have ftp/telnet/ssh access to it? The only method I could think of was spoofing portscans to it from your vendor's IP, then checking the routers logs to see if it replied. Can anyone think of a better way?

The background;
After reading about a backdoor with a hard-coded password present in all BE routers (including my old router) at I started wondering about backdoors. I had foolishly assumed that the router didn't have a backdoor because when I nmap'd it from the WAN it showed no open ports, but it turns out the backdoor was just keyed to the IPs of the BE office.

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Re: detecting router backdoors
Posted by: id
Date: September 03, 2010 02:15PM

there are a lot of ways they could backdoor it without you knowing, and odds are you don't have access to other side of the router (cable/dsl/fiber) to sniff the network traffic. But most likely just SNMP managed and is either password protected and/or restricted to certain networks or addresses.

You could take it apart and see if it has a RS232 interface or some other way to access it...figure out how to set it to maintenance mode, etc


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