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dynamic ip address history?
Posted by: coolboy1
Date: November 16, 2008 06:04PM

I don't have a static ip address with my isp, i have a dynamic ip address so it changes every few days. I have noticed recently when i went to wikipedia it said they removed a entry that was made with my ip address, but i didn't and i'm the only one who uses my pc, and a friend told me it's because my isp uses dynamic ip addresses for it's customers.

So do these dynamic ip addresses have a history? Like can isps tell who was using the dynamic ip address before i was and how far back can the history go?

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Re: dynamic ip address history?
Posted by: thrill
Date: November 16, 2008 06:54PM

The cookie could very well have this information in it along with other identifying information which they could in turn store in a database. But even if it's not in the cookie, they could still store your previously used IPs if you are logged in.



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Re: dynamic ip address history?
Posted by: id
Date: November 17, 2008 10:00AM

If you have a constantly on service such as DSL or Cable, odds are against you getting a new IP every few days. Most hardware will reassign the same address even if you reboot it or leave it off a few days, though there are exceptions. If you are on dial up, then yes, it will change often.

Another option is if you have an RFC1918 address from your ISP and they are using PAT(NAT). In that case you are sharing one (or several) public addresses with other people at your ISP, and to the outside world will look as if all the traffic is from the address(es).

OR, if you're on AOL you could be using one of their proxies! Of course, then you probably shouldn't be on this board...


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