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All the roads to Rome
Posted by: CAffect
Date: May 05, 2008 10:20AM

I've yet to see a comprehensive list of all the different ways you can be tracked online. I just recently read a white paper on clock skews which can be used as a physical device fingerprint to identify an individual machine remotely, even through proxy services like Tor. Further, I know that there are ways of bugging an operating system with a unique ID, and that some networking hardware actually has a unique physical serial number embedded into the device (ex. MAC addresses, ICC ID, etc). There are countermeasures for several of these methods individually, but if you really want to stay anonymous, which methods am I missing?

Obviously, physical access gives anyone anything they need from your RAM, logs, and what's left of afterimages on your HDD (which you can still degauss), and now anyone acting in "good faith" with any intelligence agency can go directly to a Telecom to bug your traffic without a warrant and get basically anything they need on your online behavior. The potential for abuses seems statistically certain. According to what I've been reading, apparently even the military is beginning to worry about malware being physically encoded into chips and circuitry itself.

Physical access and telcom technology aside, what other tricks do they have up their sleeves? Business ethics for tech vendors seem to be going down the tubes, and I was just wondering: is online anonymity becoming just an illusion?

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Re: All the roads to Rome
Posted by: rsnake
Date: May 24, 2008 12:45PM

A good section of my upcoming book will be discussing all those techniques, if that's something that actually concerns you. It's not written from a privacy advocate's perspective though. It's written from a website that needs to track bad guys, but if you read it in reverse perspective you'll get the same out of it.

- RSnake
Gotta love it.

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