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Credit Card Slips
Date: May 06, 2007 10:25PM

I know its illegal for a merchant to print your credit card number and/or your expiration date on your copy of the receipt. But what about the merchant copy they keep. I've come across numerous places where my info is printed in full on the merchant slips, I usually scratch it out with pen when I sign but the places that I dont sign and I ask to see the other copy many places have denied my request to have it scratched out. I just dont trust some strangers with access to my information. Its one thing if its stored in a computer, because someone skilled would need to take the time to hack it. While a paper copy any employee can swipe the slip or take a snapshot with their camera phone. I now only use cash at places I know don't allow me to remove the information, since technically all they need is the transaction number and most last 4 digits. Anyone know of any laws/rules that prevent this that are passed or still in discussion?

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Re: Credit Card Slips
Date: May 07, 2007 09:22AM

I haven't heard of any new laws aimed at protecting one's private information. I use my card just about everywhere, but there's a lot of places I don't frequent, or just use cash for. A lot of places to look out for are gas stations, and chinese food restaurants (both of which I usually use my card).

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Re: Credit Card Slips
Posted by: kogir
Date: May 07, 2007 09:20PM

You really needn't worry about this too much, unless you're using a debit rather than a credit card.

With a credit card you usually have 90 days to contest transactions, and it's up to the merchant to prove the purchase was legitimate.

With debit cards you have around 30 days, but you'll be missing the money until they sort it all out.

(Both time limits based on cards I have, your may vary).

I use one card for monthly recurring bills and another for regular use. If my regular use card is abused or lost, I can just replace it and not worry about updating my billing information.

Some banks (mine) also provide one-time-use numbers for online shopping.


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Re: Credit Card Slips
Date: May 07, 2007 09:36PM

I wish it was the case, but I know very well when it comes to fraudulent transactions its a nightmare for the victim to get it sorted out. Credit card companies will do all they can to prevent having to pay the fraud out of their own pocket. Many will deny it was fraud and require you to get a police report etc to reinforce your claim. It happened with my sister when some guy she was seeing stole her cards and used it. Took her a long time to get it all sorted out.

I would rather take the precautions to protect all my financial info from would be thieves be it some shady high school student working at Pizza Hut stealing credit card slip to some online store. I am happy that Bank Of America now offers temporary card numbers for online use. I too do the same thing you do. I call my regular use card the safe card. Its the card with lower credit limit ($500) and what I use everywhere. If it gets abused I don't mind that much since it can be replaced easily without any trouble and if they did max it out its much much less than they would have maxed out if they used my higher limit card. I also take the precaution of replacing my cards once a year. That way if some card number is stored on some database it will become invalid, don't know the retention policies of many establishments so its a comforting thing to know if they do have a breach or something my card number will be useless.

The less trouble I have the better =o)

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Re: Credit Card Slips
Posted by: Anonymous User
Date: May 08, 2007 05:58AM

I read a story once in 2600 where someone proposed a nice anti fraud scheme. it worked something like this:

You buy dinner in restaurant.
You pay waiter, plus a tip.

The tip is constructed through steganography. like the main price might be 100$ you construct every tip with 1$ + 0,7% from the main price. Then we get:

1$ + 0.7$ = 1.07$

(you can add a dollar if you like, but doesn't have to.)
So when you get your annual or monthly statements you can easily check back who fraud you into paying more. Just invent your own algorithm to calculate a tip. In this case I just use 0,7% as key to calculate it which you can use in every transaction and show it to them as proof you make use of steganography.

Anyway, I really liked the idea.

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Re: Credit Card Slips
Date: May 08, 2007 09:52AM

I just woke up and read this and I don't understand =o(, I'll try reading it again later.

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Re: Credit Card Slips
Posted by: thornmaker
Date: May 08, 2007 10:05AM

I'm not for sure how much of this doc applies to off-line transactions, like at a restaurant, but I don't see why the rules there would be any less: . Anyhow, from what I gather, they should not be storing your full CC# on their copy of the receipt.

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Re: Credit Card Slips
Date: May 08, 2007 10:12AM

Well PCI as far as I know relates to digital storage, which does allow them to store the information provided its properly protected. The TJX breach is a great example of how it was done wrong. I read somewhere online that California (the state leading the way with privacy/breach laws) will be making it illegal in 2009 for a merchant to print out the card number on their copy. Hopefully the law will pass and other states will pick up on it. Its pretty bad how widespread this practice is. If I was going to rob a place and I would take the slips instead of the cash since worth a lot more financially.

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Re: Credit Card Slips
Date: May 25, 2007 04:58PM

On similar topic, since it is illegal for a merchant to print the card number in full on the customer copy, does such a law exist for banks? My gf's old bank which we left today for BOA prints out her checking account number in full on her ATM, and teller transaction receipts.

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Re: Credit Card Slips
Posted by: bassface73
Date: September 05, 2007 12:08PM

Yeah, I am not 100% sure of the laws governing these transactions, I have not seen my full account number on my BOA receipts. I wonder if it is at the banks discretion?

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Re: Credit Card Slips
Date: September 05, 2007 12:31PM

Its federal law that they cant print the number in full on an ATM slip, but teller transaction slips I have found no law for it, you would think it would be the same.

BOA out of all my financial accounts is the most strict about what information is printed out and such. Just to verify yourself you need to answer multiple questions, most places just ask for your last 4 of your SSN. The only problem I had with them is they were sending me balance transfer checks and some other checks for purchases. Which made me mad since I did not request them and when filled out the money will deduct from my checking account, so in wrong hands bad thing. They fixed that issue promptly and now all is fine with them.

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