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Stack Overflow in IE
Posted by: digi7al64
Date: January 16, 2007 12:41AM

In trying to create a xss vulnerability for a something else I have stumbled across this possible gem which results in a stack overflow in IE. Of course i really no nothing about stack overflows (except for the basics) so would anybody care to shed some light on this?

<img id="xss" src="xss.jpg" onerror="this.src='xss.jpg';" ontimeerror="alert('xss');"> 
<script for="img" event="ontimeerror">

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Re: Stack Overflow in IE
Posted by: SystemOfAHack
Date: January 16, 2007 12:24PM

Meh, I know little or nothing about stack overflows so I can't help. However, I did find this a good while back:
function a(){
Just gives a "stack overflow" error, as your code did when I tested it in IE. In FF the above code returns a "too much recursion" error. Only seem to get a broken image in FF for yours, but as you say it's for IE. Mine's probably sucky and useless to be honest, but there you are.

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