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How do we crash systems, browsers, or otherwise bring things to a halt, and how do we protect those things? 
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wanting to learn...
Posted by: purple dos
Date: December 25, 2009 06:43PM

Hello everyone.
I am new to this website, and new to Ddos. I am "newbie" when it comes to Ddos, but I really wish to learn. If there is any "tips" that you can give, it would be really cool.

I know how to read the basics of a lot of codes. So, if there is any further studies I need to go into with Javascript, PhP, C, ect. please let me know.

-What I am really looking to learn-

-make my own botnet
-learn how to fully use a botnet [if there is anyone willing to teach me the basics of a botnet, that would be cool as well] [i do understand what a botnet is, just wanting to learn the insides of it]
-what languages are mainly used to make a botnet.

"well if anyone could help me out, it would be much appreciated."

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Re: wanting to learn...
Posted by: purple dos
Date: December 25, 2009 06:44PM

I am currently reading a lot of the post on this topic so I can possibly learn something more.

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Re: wanting to learn...
Posted by: SpoofGhost
Date: January 07, 2010 07:36AM

uh, well if you can create connections with the languages of choice it it is possible as far as i know. you just have to interact with a server/client whether it is in php or c or an other language tho some of those are limited.

just learn how connections work like sockets etc learn c/c++ i would recommend as you can create platform independend aplications(like your bot net)

i won't encurage you to create something to spread havoc but it is intresting to know more about it.

most botnets relay on worms and hiding abilities.

ddos is also a bad thing.
learn the theorie actually its all about letting an aplication mallfunction or just completely destroy its function for a period or permanent.

i hope this helps a bit tho don't harm others its just wrong.

yours spoof

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