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MESSENGERS call on all Hackers' organizations and individuals attacking the extreme media-Apple Daily
Posted by: xss_0day
Date: October 10, 2014 01:20AM

We are the messenger of peace, with the aim of transferring peaceful and protecting the society from the threaten of extremism. The Messenger employs all necessary methods of network attacks fighting against countries, organizations, or individuals that are destroying the peaceful social order with violence or soft-violence. We are composed of a number of network enthusiasts who advocates for the world peace. Thus, any organization or individual that agree with the faith of Messenger can be a member of us.

We believe that the Occupy Central has attracted the attention of all the world. Nonetheless, it has seriously destroyed the region peace of HK and has threaten HK's future prosperity. The organizers, participators, and supporters are utilizing the soft-violence way to destroy HK's wellknown social order and block the running of HK government. Actually, parts of HK government's function have already been obliged to stop. Therefore, to maintain the peace of HK, we would like to raise the sword of Justice to stop these extreme behaviors. We have already declared that we are responsible for the attack of FireChat and

Now, we notice that Apple Daily is the main sponsor and media mouthpiece of Occupy Central. Within the reporting activities, Apple Daily has never maintained impartiality and always turn things upside down, which has seriously violate the ethics requirement of Journalism Occupation. Specifically, Apple Daily only cover the so called 'civilized' behaviors of Occupy Central pursuing democracy, but neglect purposely the violent and uncivilized behaviors of Occupy Central. Though HK government has restraint to the largest extent, Apple Daily report unfairly the Police's Lawful measures to 'violence'. Intriguingly, Apply Daily has disclosed a number of important user data, but they refuse to respond for that. Therefore, we call on all Hacker's organization and individual enthusiast to attack Apple Daily's website ( from now on until they return the responsible news reporting. We also hope the employee of Apply Daily can work with a conscience and attend our actions. Finally, we appeal to the companies and individuals that have commercial relation with Apple Daily stopping cooperating with Apple Daily and refuse to behave as a accomplice of destroying HK's peace.

Attack programs


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Re: MESSENGERS call on all Hackers' organizations and individuals attacking the extreme media-Apple Daily
Posted by: sla_admin
Date: October 10, 2014 02:16AM

X, posting from Canada doesn't... and really HOIC? come on man.

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