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Anonymous vs HBGary: The death throws/throes of hacking
Posted by: Skyphire
Date: February 25, 2011 09:40AM

I guess this is the climax of fail: The Anonymous vs HBGary pile of shit.

Hacking died a long time ago, what's left are personal insults, personal gain, ego brushing, counter hacks, swarms of IRC channels full of frustrated kids trying to align their LOIC cannons without a clue what hacking really means. Sad. I'm so glad I left the public eye that scours for personal opportunities in anonymity. I hope that one day it will return as it originally was, a place where hackers respect each other, learn from each other, enjoy it once again instead of fighting for a spot in l33tness. And a understanding that _nothing_ can be secured, no matter how intelligent you are. It's all ridiculous, and this seems one of it's final death throws/throes.

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