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Whether this is about, or some other project you are interested in or want to talk about, throw it in here to get feedback. 
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Once you are in...
Posted by: lpilorz
Date: January 18, 2007 04:50AM

So, you found a code execution bug in some PHP app. Now, you'd like to have some tools for getting as much information from the server as you can. I think we could post some of the useful stuff here.

For a good start - listing the directory content bypassing open_basedir restrictions (tested on PHP 4.4.1):
It does not list all the directories and files, but it's meant to be fast rather than accurate.

I found the glob() warning bug by myself, but it was reinventing the wheel - Peter Brodersen found it back in 2005:

Feedback and all your little tools are welcome :)

(Edit: it doesn't list dirs/files you have open_basedir rights to, and those starting with the same letter as one of the already listed, e.g.
Real dir content:

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