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Posted by: jungsonn
Date: January 06, 2007 04:54AM

I did got some time today to write another tool. It's called sn00per!, it remotely snoops around on a server, tries to find /folders/, /folder/indexes, and bad files in the home dir. I used cURL here cause it is stable and can make about 2000 connections a minute. that's what I need. And it runs some dirty scans ^^

it tries to connect to the server and evaluates the header, if 200 the file is TRUE etc. it loads build-in arrays with names/types, but it can also load a .txt file with your own words in it (each on line 1) so any dictionary file (e.g. john the ripper dics.) can be runned into the script.




Well, I hope some of you will try it out and hopefully give me some feedback on any changes/conflict/bugs.

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Re: Sn00per!
Posted by: jungsonn
Date: January 06, 2007 05:43AM

Soon, i'm gonna make better external dictionary
you could use this small txt file as test array in the mean time if you can't think up words on your own:


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Re: Sn00per!
Posted by: jungsonn
Date: January 07, 2007 10:01AM

K, I made tons of bugfixes this weekend, It is now somewhat better and faster, Plus it got a new interface with a form object where you can select what to snoop.

1) everything
2) only file dirs & indexes
3) only files.

The external file is dropped until further notice :) , don't know why yet but it messed up the cURL requests.

That should take the load off it I guess.

Sourcecode: http://www.jungsonnstudios.com/blog/sn00per.phps

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Re: Sn00per!
Posted by: Anonymous User
Date: January 07, 2007 04:08PM


Looks pretty interesting - I will give it a closer look tomorrow - am too tired at the moment.

Greetings & good n8!

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Re: Sn00per!
Posted by: Neo
Date: May 31, 2007 11:18AM

Does anyone have a Default wildcard index directory file?

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Re: Sn00per!
Posted by: ioheroin
Date: June 18, 2007 09:16AM

i've always been too lazy to code something like this. would check out, but get 404!

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Re: Sn00per!
Posted by: nEUrOO
Date: June 19, 2007 08:45AM

ioheroin: get it here: http://www.0x000000.com/sn00per.phps

nEUrOO -- http://rgaucher.info -- http://twitter.com/rgaucher

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