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Another greasemonkey XSS-helper
Posted by: holiman
Date: January 25, 2009 09:43AM


I created a little GM helper utility to find the low-hangning fruits, XSS-wise, just to quickly check if a page suffers from the most common xss:es. This is how it works ,

This is how it works :
* Go to a site, select "Quick XSS-scan". The links in the page are counted, and the ones with parameters in them are permutated, so that for example "test?a=b&c=d" genereates two requests : "test?a=b<payload>&c=d" and "test?a=b&c=d<payload>". A prompt tells you how many requests it wants to make, you can look at them or run them. Hit enter to run.

* The requests are then made sequentially - so as to not mess with app logic or burden the server too much. Each returned page is scanned for a certain signature, which may indicate that the page is xss:able.

* The quick scan tries to inject ' " < into a page with only one request, while more thorough scan tries each character separately. The quick one most often does the trick quite well, and does not generate as many permutations.

- Limitations :
- It does not attempt to do any form POSTings. Maybe that will be added as an extra option if I find it useful.
- It does not traverse, it just executes the links from the page you are on.
- To save and analyze the results, easiest is to cut'n'paste into spreadsheet (|-separated data).
- It can make mozilla unresponsive if there are very large amounts of links.

If anyone is interested in testing it, it is available at bitbucket :
Project :
GM-script :

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