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Hash / Encryption Help
Posted by: Anonymous User
Date: October 01, 2007 09:46AM

Hi there, I know this is my first post but I have been following for a long time and I thought you guys might have an answer.

There is a web application that sends login details to an authentication server, using details kept in a file on the user's computer. I thought this could be a major security risk seeing as what we have seen from USB Hacksaw, etc details held in text documents on a user's PC will not be safe. These details are stored in a file but they must be encrypted or hashed and I have not got a clue how they are scrambled. I would like to retrieve the username, as the password requires connection to the authentication server because of salts, etc. Any help would be appreciated, there are some examples below. I can confirm that they have been descrambled by an independent party before, so I know it is not impossible.

Any help would be appreciated, I ran these through hashmaster in case it was any of those but it wasn't. Also as you can see the size of the output string changes to the next one up if the input string is longer e.g. a 8 character string gives a 16 character string, 12 characters gives 32 characters. I noted this because I thought it was a simple character replacement algorithm with the 8 character one but, alas, it is not so simple.

Again, any helpful information is appreciated.




Edit: Clarified I just wanted to get the usernames, as these are decoded by the actual application with no connection to a server.

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