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Using nmap to find proxies?
Posted by: hyrax
Date: July 02, 2010 10:05AM

I've been trying to find proxies using nmap, this is the command I used:

nmap --script=socks-open-proxy,http-open-proxy -p8123,3128,8000,8080 -n -v -iR 0 | tee nmap_log

I scanned like 100000 ips and only found 3 squids that needed password.

Does someone knows if theres a better way to perform this kind of scan? Any advice will be appreciated.

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Re: Using nmap to find proxies?
Posted by: darknessends
Date: August 21, 2010 05:09PM

Hey hyrax,

I am not sure whether what this method could be, nmap won't do so quickly, it is made to handle a lot, All i can share is people keep looking for it, I once left squid open with nu password, and within 2-3 days i had like 200 GB or more data transfer. Well, it was a new IP, and new server, so I think people keep on scanning that, its easy that you ll end up being on internet forums if you leave such services on.

Thanks, darknessends

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