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Drupal, is it a real problem?
Posted by: dotnet_1
Date: February 01, 2009 04:01PM

hi everyone,

yesterday, when i was playiing around some friends website using drupal i've notice the following.
drupal have two options for mapping URL, the first uses the "?q=" in the querystring and the other just append "node" or the page name after the website adress directly.

in the second case iif we type for example http:// drupalsiteexample/someword, the webste will respond that the page doesn't exist and it will show the search page filled with "someword".

but it doesn't end here, it also maps the action of the search form to domething like this action="/someword"

so consider the following url http:// drupalsiteexample/http://, then the site will claim that doesnt exist but it'll map the action of the search page to http:// (I tried it and it works).

what if we design a page that looks like a drupal admin page and then added its adress to drupal's URL and instructs sommeone (the admin evidently) to perform a serach...

well am not sure exactly how to implement such an attack, but do u think that such an attack is possible? and if yes, what kind of attack is that? and finally anyone can provide a complete senario of such attacks!!!

thanx very much all.

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Re: Drupal, is it a real problem?
Posted by: p0deje
Date: December 18, 2009 09:57AM

It maps not to, but to /
So URL is to be internal and incomplete


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