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The Intro
Posted by: the_wanderer
Date: September 08, 2008 05:24AM

Hello to all.... I'm a bit curious if you guys are the reason for evilzone.org

being in the shits right now. If so, KUDOS to you my new friends. However much I

enjoy the rants that go on there I am becoming bored with the BS. If your wondering

how or why i came to this site I simply googled the phrase "what is wrong with

evilzone?" and TADA you guys popped up. LOL I thought it was funny and worth trying

this site out for a click or two.

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Re: The Intro
Posted by: id
Date: September 08, 2008 10:07AM

Hadn't even heard of them before. I hope you enjoy time here though.

Welcome to sla.


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Re: The Intro
Posted by: Kyo
Date: September 09, 2008 01:06PM

Same here, haven't heard of them either.

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Re: The Intro
Posted by: thrill
Date: September 10, 2008 01:11AM

Whoever deleted my comment, please don't.



It is not the degrees you hold, but the mind you possess. - thrill

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Re: The Intro
Posted by: tx
Date: September 10, 2008 06:35PM

google search and http://ha.ckers.org/blog/20080304/dosing-the-ddoser comments say that evilzone.org is related to our old friend Cyberhacker665

-tx @ lowtech-labs.org

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Re: The Intro
Posted by: Mephisto
Date: September 11, 2008 07:35AM

We get blamed for everything...

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