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Q and A for any cross site scripting information. Feel free to ask away. 
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XSS in <a href=""> without clicking? --> with Smoketest 2,820  mikefree  02/27/2011 02:41PM 
Last Post by dev0
'('/'<' not allow in javascript code, XSS possible? 1,822  joel  02/23/2011 11:18PM 
Last Post by joel
Clickjacking Prevention    Pages: 1 2 6,118  43  p0deje  02/19/2011 04:22PM 
Last Post by Skyphire
Make browser parse tag.. ?? - another Smoketest 1,505  mikefree  02/19/2011 04:18PM 
Last Post by Skyphire
Best way to sanitize input? 1,906  doody  02/15/2011 06:29PM 
Last Post by Kyo
XSS in JavaScript context, Filtered 2,096  cykyc  02/11/2011 12:29PM 
Last Post by cykyc
Blackbox XSS Reversing 1,709  Gareth Heyes  02/07/2011 05:25PM 
Last Post by .mario
16 chars XSS 2,505  22  p0deje  02/01/2011 01:24AM 
Last Post by p0deje
Add XSSF into Metasploit Framework on Ubuntu 1,729  qreck  01/28/2011 04:33PM 
Last Post by qreck
iframe/google gadget xss 1,683  Albino  01/26/2011 06:53AM 
Last Post by Albino
XSS in "a" tag, need help 2,979  mjmorrell  01/15/2011 09:55PM 
Last Post by Kyo
injection after error 1,290  Albino  01/07/2011 07:51AM 
Last Post by Kyo
XSS payload when < and " are encoded and input validation for = 2,500  HacktheSlack  09/19/2010 01:44AM 
Last Post by thornmaker
only one backlash needed for facebook xss hole 2,178  hc0de  09/16/2010 07:46AM 
Last Post by PaPPy
[help]JSON-Hijacking: JSON object without a callback function 1,842  joel  09/14/2010 02:05PM 
Last Post by theharmonyguy
Break a regex-based HTML parser 9,630  22  sirdarckcat  09/09/2010 12:57PM 
Last Post by p0deje
Payload Positioning 2,058  lat  08/27/2010 12:53PM 
Last Post by p0deje
PHP header location (open redirect) 5,899  PaPPy  08/21/2010 01:13PM 
Last Post by Kyo
Javascript deleting other javascript? 2,349  Neo139  08/18/2010 09:47PM 
Last Post by marluxia
Small filter 1,396  11  Mihaeils  08/03/2010 08:29PM 
Last Post by barbarianbob
DOM sandbox challenge 1,810  Gareth Heyes  07/30/2010 08:13AM 
Last Post by Gareth Heyes
How to detect fiddler? 1,597  iEhrepus  07/29/2010 12:57PM 
Last Post by Albino
tips needed in php sanitation filter evasion 1,630  LVH  07/25/2010 03:49PM 
Last Post by Skyphire
flash RFI 1,211  dwhite  07/24/2010 02:00AM 
Last Post by dwhite
webscarab 1,067  bigdog  07/16/2010 10:35AM 
Last Post by bigdog
Whats wrong? 1,194  Lofet  07/10/2010 08:34AM 
Last Post by michee
Test 959  Baseball435  07/05/2010 06:47PM 
Last Post by PaPPy
AttackAPI Version 2.x Mirror? 1,066  basicxman  06/26/2010 02:30PM 
Last Post by lat
What the 963  Matt Presson  06/24/2010 04:42PM 
Last Post by Matt Presson
Iframe bursting 1,828  SpoofGhost  06/06/2010 05:20PM 
Last Post by SpoofGhost
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